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Supervised Visitations

A supervised visit is when a child spends time with important people in their life, such as a non-residential parent or grandparent, in a safe environment with an independent party. Supervised visits are child focused and allow the child to build and maintain relationships in a safe manner.

HeartToHeart Family Services is an outreach service utilising local parks, play centres and other locations. Thorough risk assessments are conducted on all locations prior to visitations occurring to ensure children are safe at all times.




Supervised Exchanges

Supervised exchanges provide parents with the opportunity to conduct exchanges with little to no contact between parties. HeartToHeart understands that sometimes it is not an option for parents to conduct child changeovers themselves.


We provide a safe alternative, with every effort being made to ensure the safety and security of all parties involved.

Supervised Transportation

HeartToHeart Family Services provide safe transportation options, transferring children from their home, to visitation, and back again. 

Our supervisors hold all the necessary licensing and insurances, and age appropriate child restraints are available in all vehicles.

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