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Our Mission and Goals

Mission Statement: To provide a safe, child friendly environment for supervised visitation, residential/non-residential exchanges and education relevant to the development of healthy parent-child relationships.  

Our obligation and oath is to protect the child from the parents' conflict, and offer the positive influence and support that can help a child best cope with an unhappy situation they did not create. 


Child Focused

Heart 2 Heart maintains a clear commitment to prioritising the needs and welfare of
children and will actively intervene to ensure that the best interests of children are protected
and promoted at all times.  Supervised Contact is NOT about your ex or you or your problems ...It's about your child(ren). 

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Don't be a ........

DON'T question the child(ren) about the other parent directly or indirectly;
• DON'T  talk inappropriately about or 'bag out' the other parent
• DON'T discusses inappropriate matters such as legal or personal matters
• DON'T  behave unacceptably towards the child(ren) e.g. smacking, yelling
•DON'T display violent or aggressive behaviour while at the service to ANYONE
• DON'T arrive drug or alcohol affected

DON'T argue with supervisor.

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Time Together

Timing and length of supervised contact visits are at the child’s pace. Supervised visits are based on the child’s level of the child(ren) tired, hungry, and most importantly is the child having fun.
It is essential that parents follow these guidelines so that Heart 2 Heart can maintain a safe,
child-friendly environment.

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We are a voice for change. With the support of community leaders, volunteers, and donors, we attempt to assist families.  

We give a voice to parents that are struggling...It's OK to be human, there is no such thing as the perfect parent...Parenting is a tough job. It’s OK to ask for help.

Heart 2 Heart also is dedicated to  offering a variety of referral services.  Heart 2 Heart is passionate about ALL Families - biological, foster, same sex, CALD, and adopted - from any state of broken down...up to and including ... alive & thriving!



When either parent cannot reach agreement regarding supervised contact, Heart 2 Heart  
supervision staff will make decisions based on what is assessed to be safe and appropriate for
the child(ren) while at the service.
Both parents will be informed of any decision reached.  If a parent does not agree with decision made they are free to call their solicitor.


Be a Champion 

Follow your Court Orders and be positive, calm and encouraging of your child(ren) attending contact with their other parent...
• Plan to be on time for the visit
• Plan how you will greet and farewell your child(ren) in a positive and supportive manner
• Build a support network of friends and family around you. 
• Understand that suggestions made by supervision staff are based on their experience of what has worked positively for other families in similar situations.

 and Have FUN...

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