Bridging the gap, for children & their families, in a safe & child-friendly environment. 

Welcome to Heart 2 Heart 

"Heart to Heart supervised family contact" is committed to providing supervised contact services that allow the child/children and their parents the opportunity to build & maintain a positive relationship. Whilst, we recognise the significant value of the child-parent relationship, our primary focus is the safety and well-being of the child/children 

We understand that separated parents often struggle to come to an agreement about contact arrangements, which can intern cause conflict. Part of our job at Heart 2 Heart includes supporting and guiding parents through this process, alleviating stress by navigating to a positive outcome through negotiation in accordance with any current orders or parent agreements.  Heart to Heart is a non biased, neutral third party and we believe that every child has the right to see both parents whenever possible, in a conflict free zone.


Heart 2 Heart facilitates both court ordered and parent agreement supervised contact. Contact is ALWAYS conducted in a safe, child friendly and appropriate environment in accordance with court orders or by parent agreement.  We provide a trained, neutral supervisor to monitor the contact, whether at the park, a movie, or bowling night.   The supervisor will discreetly observe and monitor the contact visit and can, on your request, provide a comprehensive report.  Our goal is to make parenting time worry free, for parents and most importantly the child/children.


Your child/ren's wellbeing is our #1 priority


We're a supportive & unbiased 3rd Party


Our team is highly skilled

& professional

We have locations in Brisbane and Townsville
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Supervised Contact Process

Please note that families may be referred to us by the Courts, Solicitors or a referring agency.  However, we also assist parents who via a parental agreement, choose to have supervised contact arrangements in place.

  1. All referred parties must call Heart 2 Heart Supervised Contact, to schedule an Intake Assessment.

  2. Upon receiving a referral and court order (if available), Heart 2 Heart will schedule an Intake Assessment for each party at a separate time.  

  3. During this Intake Assessment, each referral is assessed to determine the appropriateness and parameters of the visitation, i.e. the length, frequency and level of supervision.  All pertinent documents will be covered and signed.

  4. Copies of existing Court Orders/Parenting Orders (including orders of Domestic violence protection) Drivers Licence, Car Registration, and recent photographs of the child(ren) must be supplied to the office prior to the commencement of supervised contact. 

  5. Parents need to understand, agree and to sign Heart to Heart's "AGREEMENT FOR SERVICE" terms and conditions.  

  6. Once all requirements are fulfilled, Heart 2 Heart will schedule the exchanges and or contact visitations. 

  7. All parties are expected to cooperate and make necessary accommodations in order to follow the court order or parental order. If you are unsure of what to expect, during supervised contact, please read our Parent Guidelines.

  8. Case notes will be taken at every supervised contact and are only available under subpoena.

  9. Additional observational reports can be requested and paid for by either parent before a court hearing.

Kid showing mother drawing

Heart to Heart encourages you to make happy memories. 

At child friendly venues like park, museums, galleries, sporting events and movies. Many other supervised contact services are limited to utilising only contact facilities.  But not us! We hope this extra freedom, will allow you to enjoy your time together. 


We understand that home is where the heart lies!

Would you prefer to have supervised contact at the child second home?  Well we can help!  Heart to Heart can conduct a Risk Assessment prior to arranging the supervised contact.

Not sure what to expect with supervised contact?